Summer 2007 Intern Updates from the Field

A summer intern's prayer updates reveal how the Lord is working in eastern Hungary -- Letters from an Intern

Into the Market Place...

Our December 2005 project took us into the open market in Puspokladany, where we made contacts and gave away Hungarian New Testaments. Read the in-depth article here.

Summer interns ready to rideHave you heard about "Spandex for Jesus?"

Senses of humor still (mostly!) intact after long days full of activity, our Summer 2005 Student Interns "stretched across" eastern Hungary on a biking tour that included work in 23 different towns. Studying the culture, doing ethnographic surveys, prayer walking/riding, using their talent for sports, meeting and making connections with Hungarians of all ages and walks of life...our interns impacted people for Christ wherever they went. Read more about it, and contact us if you are interested in taking part in a similar project.

rabbit picture
What do rabbits and elephants have to do with church planting?   Learn more in this application combining church planting methodologies and inductive Bible studies by IMB Strategy Associate Ed Tarleton.  

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donkey picture

A humorous lesson from nature regarding church planting

Why would any church want to be known as a "donkey church"?  Read Wayne Garrett's unique perspective on church planting,  "Donkey Churches".

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