Biking Across Eastern Hungary

The Summer 2005 Survey Project

Interns on the roadGod is amazing! This summer was absolutely awesome. A team of five summer interns traveled on bicycles as a tour group, studying Hungarian culture and conducting a large survey project in the eastern part of the country. Bicycle touring is becoming popular here, so people in the towns were more comfortable with seeing them arrive in town on bikes. This method provided access to more people, and most were willing to talk to the group.

They conducted interviews in twenty-three different towns and cities, and prayer-walked in each place. The summer interns working with the Budapest team also came to help us for a week, which made it possible to cover two of the larger cities more thoroughly. We collected about 100 pages of data, which we are currently reviewing to locate keys areas we need to focus on for new work.

This project was not designed as an evangelistic project, but it offered several opportunities for the summer interns to share their faith. They were able to make special connections with people in some of the towns, and developed real friendships. The students printed off several of their digital pictures to mail to their new friends at different intervals to make sure we donít lose contact.

With the success of this yearís project, we are currently making plans for a similar project next year, only incorporating more evangelism.

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